Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake is an important part of your wedding reception. Many people will gather around to view the wedding cake and the photograph of the bride and groom cutting the cake is the ‘must have’ shot for many of your guests. The wedding cake is the focal point of the reception and will command a prominent position within your reception. It is for this reason that careful thought must go into the planning of your cake in regard to design, colour, decoration and mixture.

Usually the wedding cake will reflect the bridal colours in terms of the bride’s dress and the colours worn by the bridesmaids. Flowers used may be fresh – usually obtained from the official florist or they may be made from icing. There are many shapes available to choose from, e.g. round, square, oval, hexagon, heart, etc.

Wedding Cake Mixtures

Fruit Cake: The traditional wedding cake. many people like to have at least one tier made of fruit in keeping with tradition.

Chocolate Biscuit: Very popular at the moment with all age groups.

Madeira: Butter sponge, can be flavoured with orange, lemon, marbles with chocolate or coloured to the bride’s requirements. A lovely light cake and always a treat.

Chocolate Cake: A firm favourite with everybody, men especially seem to love the chocolate wedding cake option. It is a lovely light cake filled with a chocolate butter-cream and iced to the bridal parties requirements.

Carrot Cake: Another lovely wedding cake and one that attracts many compliments from my customers. The carrot cake features a cream cheese filling, delicious.

Coeliac Cakes: Special dietary requirements can be catered for. I make a very nice Madeira cake for coeliacs, it is a mixture that I love to eat myself.

I also provide a service where I will ice and decorate your own cake for you. Many mothers of the bride or grannies of the bride or indeed sisters of the bride like to have an input into the wedding and it can be a nice touch if a family member bakes your wedding cake.

A wedding couple have much to organise and I can help you with the cake at least by providing a full service that suits you. I have many books that show countless wedding cake designs to help you visualise your cake and I love to hear your own ideas. Take the time to have a look at the wedding cakes within my cake gallery and also have a look at some of my testimonials – hopefully the two together will demonstrate my passion for wedding cakes and my ability to please my clients.

Phone me and make an appointment, I look forward to hearing from you.

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